Haris Alexiou

I have discovered Haris Alexiou on my first visit to Paros island. It was sunset and I was in a taverna in the small port of Paros and “Απόψε θέλω να πιω” (“Apopse thelo na pio” / “I want to get drunk tonight”) was playing.
We asked the poor english speaking waiter for the title of the song and name of the singer and he wrote Haris Alexiou on a piece of paper in greek alphabet. Later on we went to a music store and there were tons of Haris Alexiou albums! Luckily we got the album ΩΣ ΤΗΝ ΑΚΡΗ ΤΟΥ ΟΥΡΑΝΟΥ ΣΟΥ (“Os tin akri tou ouranou sou”) with “Apopse thelo na pio” on it. It became the soundtrack of our trips to Greece.. :-)

I want to drink tonight
so as nothing to remember
I want to trap myself in smoke
and fear no consequences

I want to drink tonight
and surpass my limits
I want to confess my lost dreams
covered in smoke’s veil

I’ll light up with cigarettes and burn out with liquor
Now that I’ve taken fright
may everything turn into ashes

I want to drink tonight
erase everything and everyone
I want to disappear in smoke
and look back never again

Bonus, another great song, “Το τανγκό της Νεφέλης” (“To Tango Tis Nefelis” / “Tango to Nefelis”), lyrical interpretation of Loreena McKennitt’s instrumental song known as Tango To Evora:

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